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Skin care for your headshots

With most headshot photographers, you will usually need to book a month or so in advance. This gives you the perfect opportunity to prep your skin to look the best it can for your headshots. The best prep for good skin starts with 2 things, diet and a good skincare regime.

1. DRINK WATER!!! And lots of it. You wouldn’t believe how much of a difference this makes on your skin, if you drink plenty of water every day for at least a week before the shoot, you will have glowing skin and it really shows in the photo.

2. Don’t drink alcohol the night before. I know it’s tempting, but alcohol really makes you look tired and gives you bloodshot, sensitive eyes.

3. Try and cut out caffeine and sugar if you can, at least a month before your shoot. We all love a good cup of tea or coffee, but drinking it excessively will give you dark circles under your eyes. Sugar is a great thing to cut out if you can do it. Your skin will feel clearer and less puffy.

4. We would suggest not using any face masks or creams that your skin isn’t used to. If you usually us face masks then this is fine but if your skin isn’t used to it, you could get a reaction and get a red face!

Diet: The saying is true, you are what you eat! If you want your skin to be glowing and free of spots and dark circles, changing your diet can have a really huge effect on this..

Skincare regime: Invest in a skincare regime, and stick to it! It only takes 5 minutes every morning and night, but your skin will thank you for it! A good cleaner/face wash will clear your skin, then follow with a toner to minimise those pores, and finish off with a good moisturiser (SPF 50 will help reduce wrinkles and protect your face from sun damage)


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