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Whats best, Studio or natural light headshots?

Which is the best light for my headshots?

When choosing a photographer, it's normally their style that will drawer you in first, whether it be studio or natural light.

Gone are the days where there was an obvious difference between studio lights and what was outdoor natural light. Some photographers shoot outdoors and make it look like the most perfect studio lighting, and some shoot indoors with studio lights and you would swear it was taken out side. Some shoot indoors with natural light and have the best of both.

'Natural' feeling light is favoured by a lot for being more honest and therefore a more accurate version of you, where as studio lights can be carefully 'sculpted' to bring out certain features in your face and make you stand out.

Our advice would be take a look at prospective photographers images and choose based on a style that you like and don't get too caught up in the technical side of the lighting, lave that to them.


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