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The best preparation for your shoot

Having your headshot taken is a nerve-wracking experience, even if you are a seasoned pro, there is still an element of 'butterflies' that comes with it. But this nervous energy is not always a bad thing, it can heighten you slightly and give you an edge you otherwise wouldn't have.

There are many factors that contribute toward having a successful shoot, and also ensuring the photos you capture are right. The important things to think about before your shoot

are get good sleep, drink plenty of water, prepare for the weather and travel and make notes on what you want from the day.

Your face is your face. Part of the process of getting headshots done is that you have to look at your face, it can be hard sometimes, especially if there is features you don't like.

Before your shoot, take some time just to look at your face in the mirror and study it, we look in mirrors all the time, but rarely study ourselves. Is your face even? Is one eye bigger than the other? Is your nose wonky? These are all things you will notice on your headshot, but if you already know it, it will make the 'shock' of seeing your face a lot easier!

The best thing to do is try to leave your ego and self criticism at the door and place yourself in the position of the casting director viewing your headshot, communicate with your photographer and get some killer headshots!


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