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A guide to editing your own photos

Can I edit my own photos?

In a world of easy access apps and filters, it's easy to think you can do a ‘quick fix’ n your photos, but you need to be careful.

Copyright law which your photographer will probably hold over your images prevents you adapting and editing your photos, and believe it or not, this also includes cropping and turning photos to black and white.

You should be able to see this written clearly in a photographers terms and conditions.

This is why a lot of the time, you will find your unedited photos will have a watermark on them, to prevent people using them without permission.

This is in place to protect a photographers work. Their images in the public domain is their art and what people see of their work, so they want it to be of a standard that they have approved.

So as tempting as it is to put your photos through an app to smooth the skin, think twice, as it may result in you getting into some serious trouble!


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